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After Travis Wingfield’s amazing article, Making A Franchise Quarterback, Ryan Tannehill is once again, the hot topic for Miami Dolfans everywhere. Going in to his sixth year as the starter, what are realistic expectations for Ryan? Is he a “Franchise” quarterback in the eyes of Chris and Sam? Or is he a super game manager, or […]

Travis and Kevin are back to discuss the next step in the Dolphins off-season plan. Also, Travis quells the rumor that he and Devante Parker will be squaring off at UFC 220. Is Parker worthy of a second contract in Miami? And, the first guest we’ve had, Mat Chapman, joins us to talk about his […]


Chapter One: Rock Bottom – “I don’t see a way that Ryan Tannehill makes it back for Miami. I just don’t. He looks totally punch-drunk. Fatefully, I think it’s over.” These were the words of highly regarded Dolphins fan, insider and contributor Simon Clancy (@SiClancy) on October 9. The Miami players, losers of four of […]