Episode 126: Happy Birthday, Perfectville!


This Week:

As the Super Bowl looms near, with the hated New England Patriots vying for the Lombardi Trophy AGAIN, Sam and Chris discuss the long rumored hire of one of their coaches, Brian Flores, as the new Head Coach for your Miami Dolphins. What does his hire really mena for the short term future of our favorite football team? What does the staff around him look like from a talent perspective? And most importantly, is the fan base going to allow for a bonafide re-build of this franchise (AKA losing a bunch next year) in hopes of getting to the next level above mediocrity?

Speaking of mediocrity, what is up with Adam Gase’s eyes?!?!?!

Plus, Perfectville celebrates its third year of existense! This year, Chris and Sam celebrate as only they know how…drinking beer and talking about nothing. Hooray! Happy Birthday, Perfectville!

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