Episode 104: O.T. YAYS!


The Miami Dolphins are back! Well…sort of. Organized Team Activities or OTAs are in full swing and starting Quarterback Ryan Tannehill is not only participating fully, but doing so WITHOUT A KNEE BRACE, turning the OTAs into OTYAYS for Dol-fans everywhere. Sam and Chris discuss the significance of Ryan coming back without the brace, whether or not this is somewhat of a publicity stunt, and what the polarizing quarterback would need to adjust to if and when he finally straps one on.

Plus, another future Hall of Fame running back, Adrian Peterson recently suggested that he may take his talents to South Beach. Despite Adrian’s possible interest in the Fins, does the team have any interest in adding another veteran to a backfield that already has Frank Gore in it? If you had to choose between Peterson and Gore, which one would the Citizens of Perfectville choose, and why?

Plus, more talk about the skill position players on offense, more customer reviews for us to read on air, Chris reveals what board games he plays the most, and we launch our official Facebook page for the show. Yay? Yay.


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