Episode 137: Preseason Football is BACK…Yay?

This Week:

Sam and Chris discuss the upcoming PRESEASON EXTRAVAGANZA between YOUR Miami Dolphins and The Atlanta Falcons. What are the top three things Chris is looking for out of this game? What are Sam’s?

Plus, is Miami doing the right thing by having Ryan Fitzpatrick start at the quarterback spot? Or is Brian Flores already making rookie Head Coach mistake by relying too much on a veteran versus playing the former high draft pick in Josh Rosen?

Speaking of Rosen, is his favorite training camp target, Preston WIlliams for real? And if so, does the undrafted rookie cost a veteran wide receiver his job? What does the talented rookie from Colorado State need to show this week against The Falcons to help solidify his spot beyond being the latest training camp body to garner some hype and nothing more?

And finally, are Reshad Jones’s days in Miami numbered? And if so, where does he stand all-time within The Dolphins organization? Sam and Chris discuss his place in South Beach history and what they hope happens for Reshad this season and beyond.

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