Episode 106: RIP Tony Sparano



This Week:

Sad news in Perfectville, as former Head Coach, Tony Sparano, passed away over this past weekend. Best known for his ability to motivate his players through fiery speeches and a sideline demeanor that endeared him to dol-fans throughout the world. He remains the only coach to lead an AFC East team to a division title in the past 15 years years not named Bill Belichick. Sam and Chris discuss their favorite memories of Sparano, and what his legacy as a Miami Dolphins head coach, should ultimately be.

sparano pump

The boys also tackle the National Anthem issue as it has once again, bubbled to the surface of the NFL news cycle. This time, with the Miami Dolphins making headlines. What does the team policy actually say? Who leaked the policy? And why does kneeling potentially hold  greater penalty than what Jameis Winston is facing?

On Greatest Dol-Fails in Miami History, Tom Brady and Wes Welker hook up for a 99 1/2 yard touchdown against The Dolphins on a Monday Night Football game to open the season.

On 3 & Out, the boys discuss Saquan Barkley’s new contract, Jimmy Garappolo’s claim that he feels he is BETTER than Tom Brady, and is Joe Flacco in danger of losing his job in Baltimore?

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