Episode 105: Welcome BACK To Perfectville


The boys are back in town! Sam and Chris return to Perfectville with updated equipment, new segments and of course, the same amount of cussin’ and fussin’ that the Citizens Of Perfectville demand!

This Week:

-Chris discuss the positional battles he is most looking forward to during training camp.

-Sam admits to reading an Omar Kelly article and agreeing with the premise that this year should be a “make or break” year for the Dolphins front office.

-Our new segment, Greatest Dol-Fails in Miami History, takes us to Brent Grimes and his TWO missed tackles on a single play.

-And on 3 & Out, the boys discuss whether or not Le’Veon Bell is truly done in Pittsburgh, the absurdity of Richie Incognito being named ambassador for an anti-bullying foundation and whether or not the NFL could be successful in moving The Super Bowl to Pay-Per-View.

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