Episode 160: Tua Sweet Tua Be Sour (aka WE DID IT!)

This Week:

The Miami Dolphins did it. They actually did it! The 2020 NFL Draft has come and gone and Dolfans everywhere are still in shock that their beloved tema was able to grab the quarterback they long coveted. And did so without even having to move up in the draft to get him!

In addition to drafting Tua, The Citizens of Perfectville were treated to 10 additional players added to the Miami Dolphins roster during draft weekend, including a bunch of offensive linemen, maulers on the defensive line and highly ranked defensive backs to bolster their already talented cornerbacks and safeties. All in all, most Dolfans are highly satisfied with this year’s haul.

Sam and Chris tell you their thoughts on the draft, which picks they loved, which picks made no sense, and how these picks affect the veterans on the roster currently (or err…WERE on the roster…)

Enjoy and Welcome To Perfectville

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