Episode 172: Former Dolphin Jamie Nails

This Week:

The Miami Dolphins blank The New York Jets, 24-0 behind a stellar defensive performance throughout the entire game, and a quality offensive performance in the first half. And even though Miami pitched the first shutout in the NFL in 2020, the score fell short of most Dol-fan’s expectations. What went right? What went wrong? And did Miami play down to The Jets? Or did they purposely hold back, knowing that they will see them again later this year? Sam and Chris discuss the game at large, including the debut of Tua Tagovailoa.

Speaking of Tua, it was leaked, and then announced, that the rookie quarterback from Alabama is now the starting quarterback for The Miami Dolphins once they come back from the bye week. The news by itself isn’t a shocker, but the timing and how it was spread across the social media platforms, certainly was. Did Miami drop the ball in handling this important transition? Is it too soon for Tua to start in the league?

And what happens to Ryan Fitzpatrick now? The beloved journeyman quarterback was “heartbroken” by the news and led everyone down an emotional rollercoaster with his press conference discussing it. Despite his short time in Miami, the Harvard Gunslinger has fully engulfed himself to the team and fans. Was this win against The Jets his final start in the NFL? Or will the Magic Man continue playing tricks on the league in the future? The boys discuss what they think will happen with Ryan, and what they hope doesn’t happen this year.

Additionally, former Left Guard Jamie Nails joins Sam and Chris on Welcome To Perfectville this week. The former run blocking behemoth lets us know which New England Patriots defender had to adjust his game when going up against him, what it was like to get his helmet cracked in half mid-play and whose helmet he borrowed to get back into the game. Plus, which offensive line teammate of Jamie’s did you NOT want to piss off?

Jamie also discusses the current crop of rookie o-linemen for The Miami Dolphins and what they need to do to further succeed.
Plus, Jamie lets us know what his secret talent is away from football. This talent got him a scholarship offer as well but ultimately, Jamie chose football and the rest, as they say, is history.

Oh and as always, an update on the OKAY-IST FANTASY FOOTBALL LEAGUE EVER!

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Enjoy and Welcome To Perfectville!

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