Episode 165: Cut Down Day

This Week:

The Miami Dolphins will soon have less players. That is because cut down day is coming! Yay! While Chris and Sam may find the news that comes out that day to be exciting, lots of soon to be former) players do not. Regardless, we take a look at who is 100% safe from being cut this weekend, where Miami might look for help from other teams’ cut players, and whether or not any major surprises are in store for the team.

Speaking of surprises, Miami continues to chrun their roster as they trade away starting linebacker Raekwon McMillan to The Raiders, get Kalen Ballage BACK from The Jets after a failed physical and field calls for offers on Josh Rosen. As we always say, Miami may not be the best team in football, but they may be the most interesting.

Plus, we talk all things Buffalo Bills. Are they the team to beat this year in the AFC East? Is Josh Allen the right QB to get them to the promised land? Is the addition of Stefon Diggs a good thing? Why is their logo a buffalo when their mascot is a bill?

Oh, plus Chris Cullen gives us the inside scoop as to how the conversation went with Bob Griese when Miami told him he was being replaced with Jason Taylor.

And last but not least, THE OKAY-IST FANTASY LEAGUE EVER is drafting LIVE throughout the show. Yay football! Yay Fantasy Football! Yay Perfectville!

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Enjoy and Welcome To Perfectville!

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