Episode 188: Free Agency is Offensive

This Week

Free Agency has started! And so has the overreactions from fans. The Miami Dolphins were big spenders in the 2020 free agent class. 2021? Not so much. At least, at first glance, it appears that The Dolphins weren’t terribly aggressive filling holes with the 2021 free agency class. Upon a closer look, however, perhaps Miami got all the groceries they needed form the free agency store, afterall.

Sam and Chris sit down and review all the moves Miami has made since the start of the new year, including some interesting additions to the offensive line. A talented but troubled tackle? Check. A talented but injured center who can’t seem to snap the ball? Check. A restricted free agent linemen with a funny last name? Check.

But enough hanky Pankey. The Dolphins traded for or signed, 12 new players this week. That equates to 22% of their roster. So while it feels like Miami didn’t do a lot, in actuality, they did the following:

-Signed a starting wide receiver

-Signed competent back-up quarterback

-Add a bruising tailback to their RBBC

-Stole a pass rushing defensive tackle from a division rival

-Traded for a starting middle linebacker and of course, most important of all…


Other moves were made as well. To find out all about them, download the show, listen and help Chris come up with a better fantasy football name than what he suggested!

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