Episode 162: Tua Much Tua Soon?

This Week:

Tua Tagovailoa is already the face and savior of The Miami Dolphins franchise. Tops in the league in jersey sales, positive publicity amongst every sports media outlet out there and even his practice videos elicit virtual boners from every Citizen in Perfectville. But is all of this too much (or Tua much) too soon? Are DOl-fans setting themselves up for a ginormous disappointment if Tua doen’t come out immediately and dominate?

And speaking of which, SHOULD Tua come out right away? Or is the right move to let him sit and learn as much as possible until the O-line proves it isn’t a dumpster fire like previous years?

Speaking of positive vibes, Brian Flores continues to show that he a true leader on and off the field. His recent statements on world events seems ot have galvanized his players behind him even more, and has earned the praise of NFL folks across the world. Sam and Chris compare Coach Flo’s approach versus our former head coaches of yesteryear.

Oh, and Sam dn Chris debate whether or not to go to any football games in person this year, or to just chill at home in our man caves and root for The ‘Phins in our underpants.

Enjoy and Welcome To Perfectville

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