Episode 130: Fitzmagic Beardstravaganza Contest Of Awesomeness!


This Week:

The Miami Dolphins NAME THAT BAND-AID! And his name is Ryan Fitzpatrick, AKA FitzMagic. The grizzled (and bearded) veteran finds himself starting for his THIRD AFC East squad, as the Dolphins ink him to a two year deal to bridge the gap from Ryan Tannehill to the next franchise QB. What does Fitzpatrick bring to the squad besides a lot of hair and aviators? Why are Sam and Chris so excited to see him play for their beloved football team? And where does Miami go next to pair a rookie/franchise quarterback with their band-aid?

Plus, the boys officially say goodbye and good riddance to all the players that were cut, released, traded and signed away from the squad over the past week.

Plus, THE PHINZEES return next month! And a beard growing contest that brings with it the GREATEST PRIZE IN PODCAST HISTORY. Listen ot the end for official rules.

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