Episode 116: Be My Guests (with Mike Woodburn and Travis Wingfield)


This Week:

While the two-time (yes TWO-TIME) Hall of Famer, Chris Cullen, is on vacation, Sam welcomes Mike Woodburn (AKA Slayner) from the Phins Up, Phans Down Podcast to  Perfectvillw and forces him to re-watch the nightmarish second quarter of the New England Patriots game from Week Four.

Additionally, Travis Wingfield of Locked On Dolphins returns to his old stomping grounds and discusses the current state of the team and whether or not they can recover against a strong Cincinnati Bengals team. What weakness on defense can Miami exploit to have a fighting chance? Is Mike Gesicki poisd to finally cash in on all of that talent he possesses? Or will Geno Atkins, Andy Dalton and the rest of the striped big cats maul The Dolphins and send them back to Miami with two losses?

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