Episode 144: Reshad Jones is BACK! (Week 4 Preview vs. Chargers)

This Week:

The Dolphins lose a hard fought battle in Dallas 36-6. Josh Rosen looked okay in the first half of the game, the entire team looked like 5 day old dog crap in the second half. As we head to the quarter pole of the season, Sam and Chris give their opinions of PReston Williams and why his mistakes don’t matter. Plus THE BADDEST AN ON THE PLANET, RESHAD JONES, is back! And apparently happy as hell to be in Miami. We explore the real reason Reshad is finally back in his good space while tank season occurs in South Beach.

And as is the new tradition, the boys remind us Misery Loves Company, and that might even include a certain team from a certain The Okay-ist Fantasy League Ever.

Oh, and we preview the upcoming loss to the Los Angeles Chargers.


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