Episode 189: A Little Bit of This n’ That

This Week

Sam is almost out of his temporary recording location and back into the Perfectville West studio, Chris is still in his Perfectville East studio, and The Dolphins are almost on the clock! The boys review Miami’s free agency plan and how it relates to the aforementioned NFL Draft. Did Miami make enough moves to pass on taking playmakers early? Or are they hiding in plain sight with their free agency moves and showing us exactly what the plan is?

Speaking of the NFL Draft, Miami made a flurry of trades with the 49ers and Eagles. When the dust settled, The Dolphins picked up extra first round draft picks in future years and only moved back three spots. Are they done wheeling and dealing? Or do they stay put and take the best player available on their board once the fifth pick is selected? Sam and Chris bounce these and other scenarios around, including which position groups they are imploring Miami to stay away from at all costs in the first round.

Plus, Miami signed another player. This by itself, isn’t shocking, but the fact that this player is OVER 30 YEARS OLD, is. John Jenkins and his elderly 31 year old body is now part of the team! We don’t know if he will be good or not, but we love the fact that we can pronounce his last name.

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Enjoy and Welcome To Perfectville!

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