Episode 108: Game One: vs. Tampa Bay (Preseason)


This Week:

Sam and Chris return to Perfectville to discuss tonight’s(!!!) game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It has been months since we have seen the Miami Dolphins in an actual football game. Granted, it is a preseason game and the actual players will only be on the field for a few plays, but who cares!?!?!?! Football is back and we are jacked to the gills for it.

What are they keys to this game? What players is Chris most eager to see on the field? What area does Sam feel needs to be improved upon? And just how many interceptions will Brock Osweiler throw in extended action?

Plus, Sam breaks down the odds (according to Bleacher Report) of the Dolphins winning the Super Bowl this year, and where that stacks up against other teams in the league.

On Greatest Dol-Fails in Miami History: Ray Lucas AKA SPRAY MUCAS enters the game in week seven of the 2002 seaosn and ruins everything,

On 3 & Out: Jarvis Landry makes his presence known on Hard Knocks, Eric Weddle suggests that RPO’s are a “fad” and Jon Gruden swings his dick around Raiders practice and hits Khalil Mack upside the head with it.

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