Episode 152: Happy New Year, Here’s A Podcast

This Week:

Happy New Year! The Dolphins end the old year by beating the New England Patriots, which set the stage for the Tennessee Titans to eliminate The Pats in the Wild Card round last weekend. Fellow AFC East rival The Buffalo Bills also lost in the first round of the playoffs which makes 2020 the GREATEST NFL SEASON FOR DOLPHINS FANS BORN AFTER 1973!

Even though miami ended their season on a high note, they fired their Offensive Coordinator, Chad O’Shea and hired their old Offensive Coordinator, Chan Gailey. What seems like somewhat of a head scratching move on the surface, actually makes sense once you dig a little deeper like Sam and Chris do.

Plus, Alabama QB Tua Tiobuaobuogbrougbqeougbqeogblua, has declared for the NFL Draft! Does Miami take him at 5? Should they trade up to secure his selection? What would you be willing to give up IF you traded up? Is there a different strategy for Miami than we have been led to believe?

Oh and our LORD AND SAVIOR Zach Thomas is a finalist for the NFL Hall Of Fame. Hooray!

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