Episode 163: Miami Dolphins Football is back and better than ever!

This Week:

Miami Dolphins football is back! With pads, helmets and everything! Which means we discuss everything, as a result. Analysis of our quarterbacks, season ending injuries, and much more.

Early reports on Tua’s first week in full pads are conflicting. Some reporters say he looks perfectly fine, while others appear to hint that he is struggling. In related news, Josh Rosen appears to be looking quite well in his second year with Miami. Or maybe he isn’t. It really depends on which tweet you believe.

What IS true is that outside linebacker Vince Biegel is gone for the season with a brutal achilles tendon tear. His absence will be noticed more in the locker room than on the stat sheet, but the journeyman defender will be missed all the same. The guys discuss the impact Vince has had on this team since he arrived, and what the future holds for the team and the player.

Additionally, Xavien Howard does not appear ready to go for Miami. Coach Flores even went as far as to say that the cornerback spot we assumed was Xavien’s is officially up for competition. Are X’s days in Miami numbered? Did The Dolphins miss out on premium draft capitol by not trading him prior to the NFL Draft?

And finally, why do the New England Patriots continue to get a pass by the media about their awful behavior? They have cheated their way to six Super Bowl titles, and now appear to be tanking the 2020 season in an effort to improve their draft spot in next year’s Trevor Lawrence Sweepstakes. As a result, the sports media appears to be just fine with these developments despite crucifying Miami a year ago.

Plus, we have breaking news on the OKAY-IST FANTASY LEAGUE EVER!

Enjoy and Welcome To Perfectville!

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