Episode 164: Paying for Free Costco Samples

This Week:

The Miami Dolphins made a couple of surprising moves this week. The team announced that they would allow fans to be at home games this year under a strict social distance plan. Sam and Chris discuss what that plan is, how it could benefit Miami more than most teams and whether or not the number they landed on for maximum capacity was a coincidence or not.

The Dolphins also cut rookie 5th rounder Curtis Weaver in hopes of having him clear waivers and re-join the team on IR. The plan did not work as The Cleveland Browns snatched up the pass rushing defender. Did The Dolphins front office bungle this transaction? Will the team live to regret giving up on Mr. Weaver too soon? The boys kick it around.

Speaking of kicking it around, The New York Jets are kicking the tires on Kalen Ballage as they give up a late round draft pick to Miami for the former fourth rounder. What is even more curious than that were the reports that Miami was planning on cutting the running back outright but instead, were able to gain some draft capital. As a result, the boys discuss the culture and toxicity levels that an Adam Gase football teams tends to have and whether or not Gase is truly the offensive genius he claims to be. After all, as one tweet pointed out…”Adam Gase pays for free Costco samples.”

Enjoy and Welcome To Perfectville!

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