Episode 117: The Miami Sky Is Falling


This Week:

Chris Cullen returns to Perfectville from his vacation, only to find that The Miami Dolphins have lost two games in a row and are now in SECOND place in the AFC East. So what in the hell went wrong? Is it bad play calling? Too many injuries to overcome? Or maybe it is Ryan Tannehill’s fault? Or maybe, just maybe, it is Chris Cullen’s fault for going on vacation? We may never truly know.

But what we do know is that Khalil Mack and the Chicago Bears are roaring towards a muggy South Florida for an afternoon tilt against our beloved ‘Phins. Can Miami recover from two extremely bad losses and pull themselves out of this funk? Or will the second leg of the “Wizard Of Oz” schedule sink them back to the land of .500?

Plus, Sam is turning another year older and is doing so AT THE GAME! Feel free to buy Sam drinks at Hard Rock Stadium on Sunday, or at Bokamper’s on Saturday night!

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