Episode 113: FTJ! (Week Two Preview)


This Week:

Sam and Chris extend their stay in Perfectville this week and preview Week Two against the HATED New York Jets of New Jersey. What does Miami need to do to snake a win on the road? Which players on offense need to step up and take control of this game? How do we slow down their rookie QB, Sam Darnold? And are The Jets as good as their final score indicated from Week One, or were The Detroit Lions simply that bad?

Plus, the #MetLifeTakeover is in full effect again this year! Dol-Fans and Citizens of Perfectville from all over the globe converge on the stadium to turn this road game into Hard Rock Stadium North. Can Miami walk out of week two undefeated still? Or will The Jets establish early dominance in the division and send The Dolphins back to Florida in their own body bag?

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