Episode 103: B.F.F.B.


On this episode of Perfectville, Sam and Chris are visited, once again, by three star reviewer, TRSears, who left yet ANOTHER review of our show on Apple Podcasts. This time? He takes aim at fellow citizen, Phinzler.

Additionally, Ryan Tannehill has been cleared for any and all football activities without limitations! The much maligned starting quarterback for the Miami Dolphins continues to have to prove himself to pundits, experts and fans alike. Recent social media rankings have Ryan at the bottom of the league, as far as projected starting quarterbacks go. Chris and Sam discuss and tell you why these rankings are nonsense.

And finally, we re-visit the draft one last time to bring you audio recorded live from Chris’s man-cave where he, his wife, his brother and his father react to the NEw York JEts pick of Sam Darnold, The Bills trade up for Josh Allen, and of course, Miami’s pick of Minkah Fitzpatrick.

And quite possibly, the creation of the perfect shirt for Perfectville happens on this trip!

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