Episode 97: CULTURE SHOCK!

culture shock



HAPPY NEW NFL YEAR! The new season is officially here, and The Miami Dolphins are celebrating by completely changing their players. Elite defenders released, franchise players traded away and team captains cut. Adam Gase and the rest of the front office are hell bent on changing the culture of The Dolphins, even if it means shocking the system.

Sam and Chris walk through all of the moves so far, including the Jarvis Landry trade, the Ndamukong Suh release and why cutting Mike Pouncey is a good thing. Plus, we celebrate a living legend who is returning to the team for his 476th year, and say goodbye to an icon who has moved on to greener (and windier) pastures.

Oh, and as we close in on episode 100, keep in mind that the PHINZEES are coming back! Yay!

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