Episode 71: Former Dolphin Greg (Rich) Camarillo


Former Miami Dolphin Wide Receiver Greg Camarillo (AKA Rich Camarillo) joins Perfectville to talk about that dreaded 2007 season, the remarkable 2008 season, and what the vibe was during both.

Plus, Greg reveals who has the TD ball from the Baltimore Ravens OT victory in 2007, as well as finally meeting Rich Camarillo all of these years later. Greg also tells a funny story about vacationing with Ricky Williams and why he chose Stanford over Harvard.

In addition, Sam and Chris discuss the Top 100 List of NFL players and the placement of some of the Miami players, as well as the latest reports out of OTAs regarding Ryan Tannehill’s knee, as well as the Wheel Of Whatever, which reverses the No Fun League mantra with the recent ruling on touchdown celebrations.

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