Episode 59: THE PHINZEES! (part one)


It is award season and the most coveted award is, of course, The PHINZEE. The official awards ceremony of WelcomeToPerfectville.com, The Phinzees kicks off with your hosts, Sam Marcoux and Chris Cullen from “Perfectville”, as well as Travis Wingfield and Kevin Dern from “The Phinalysis Podcast”.

The four get together to discuss such awards as:

The Best Friends Forever Phinzee (Best Supporting Website), The Dolly Parton Phinzee (Biggest Bust Of The Season), The Donald Trump “You’re Fired” Phinzee (Worst Coach Of The Year), as well as the Thanks For Stopping By Phinzee (Best Supporting Podcast).

And while it is an honor just to be nominated, there can only be one winner per category, which means we have plenty of honorable losers that we discuss, in addition to the celebration of our winners. Listen to find out who gets showered in gold, and brings home the coveted Golden Phinzee!

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