Nominees for “The Thanks For Stopping By” Phinzee (AKA Best Supporting Podcast)


The Phinzees are here! The official awards ceremony for has finally arrived. Hosted by Perfectville’s Sam Marcoux and Chris Cullen, along with The Phinalysis Podcast’s own, Travis Wingfield and Kevin Dern. The Phinzees celebrates the very best (and very worst) of YOUR Miami Dolphins. 12 categories in total, including four categories that will be voted on by you, The Dol-fans. So without further adieu, let’s get to the categories, shall we?

Thanks For Stopping By Phinzee – Presented By Travis Wingfield

This Phinzee is for the best supporting podcast of the year. This is awarded to the one that best supported Perfectville during the 2016 season. And the nominees are…

1: The Sea Hawkers Podcast

Hosted by Brandon Schulze and Adam Emmert, these lifelong Seahawks fans welcomed Sam Marcoux on their show during week one of the season to discuss the match-up between their two respective clubs. Despite’s Adam’s unnatural hatred for The Dolphins, the show has been, and continues to be, a big supporter of, and even came to one of Sam’s comedy shows in Seattle Washington.

2: Sorry If I Spit When I Speak

Part of The Almighty Baller Podcast Network, SIISWIS might be the most eclectic name AND podcast for a football show, ever. The two Cincinnati Benglas fans, Dadio McDuck and Hodgie E. Smodgie had Chris Cullen come on their show, while Chris was on vacation, to discuss Ryan Tannehill, The Dolphins franchise in general, and of course, the soul crushing Thursday Night Football game that ultimately ended in defeat for Miami. Despite the weirdness and the fact that The Bengals spanked us on national TV, the hosts begrudgingly gave us our props and continue to promote Perfectville on social media and throughout the world.

3: AFC East Bros.

This live call-in show is hosted by real life brothers, Kyle and Gary Smith, focuses on all everything AFC East related. Despite their proclivities for awful football teams (Gary is a Bills fan, Kyle is a Jets fan. BOOOOOOO!), the siblings have turned over part of their weekly program to Travis Wingfield to discuss all things Miami Dolphins, and do their best to cover our beloved ‘Fins in an objective manner. At least as objective as you can be when Miami waffles stomps both of your teams TWICE in the same season…

4: The Rockpile Report

Hosted by Drew Gier and produced by Chris Krueger, this Buffalo Bills-centric podcast never takes itself too seriously. Which is good because the team they root for never takes football too seriously, either. Travis Wingfield stormed their castle in front of the second game between Miami and Buffalo and what turned out, was radio gold. Well, podcast gold, as it were.

Congratulations to all of the nominees and good luck on winning! Be sure to tune in to Perfectville and find out who takes home the gold!


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