The Seahawks recent run of success has been headlined by multiple players. None of those players features more star-power than cornerback Richard Sherman. He has embodied everything the Seahawks have been building for the last half-decade. A roster full of strong personalities appears to be budging on its, “speak your mind,” policy as Sherman is […]


Adam Gase has that type of astute focus and intensity that keeps his audience hanging on every word. And just when you fear this might be the second coming of Bill Belichick (from a personality stand-point) he cracks that wry smile that permeates his attitude of “just another one of the guys.” It isn’t a […]


Chapter One: Rock Bottom – “I don’t see a way that Ryan Tannehill makes it back for Miami. I just don’t. He looks totally punch-drunk. Fatefully, I think it’s over.” These were the words of highly regarded Dolphins fan, insider and contributor Simon Clancy (@SiClancy) on October 9. The Miami players, losers of four of […]


Nate Allen’s play tailed off when he left Philadelphia for Oakland, but that has been the case for a lot of free agent signees with their sights set on The Black Hole. A second round draft pick in 2010, Nate Allen paired well with Malcolm Jenkins in Philadelphia for the 2014 season matching the all-pro’s […]