Episode 96: Front Office Review



Sam is back from his comedy tour, and Chris is back from his nationwide fireside chats! And since both are back in the friendly confines of Perfectville, they have decided to discuss the front office of the Miami Dolphins. Who is really calling the shots on player personnel? Who is to blame for some of the high price, low return free agents the team has signed in recent years? And what, exactly, does Chris Grier DO?

Plus, has there ever been an NFL owner that has gone from zero to hero faster than Stephen Ross? And if we gave you three guesses as to how old Mike Tannenbaum is, could you get it right?

Oh, and as we close in on episode 100, keep in mind that the PHINZEES are coming back! Yay!

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  1. Hearing that rap at the end gave me a total tit-boner(or “toner”). That, or I share in Sam’s medical condition.

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