Episode 95: LineWHACKERS (LB Review)



Perfectville returns to discuss the awful linebacking corps of the 2017 Miami Dolphins. Season ending injuries, AWOL veterans, under performing team captains and even an arrested thrown in for good measure, needless to say, but this unit was incredibly bad this past season.

New Defensive Coordinator, Matt Burke, was able to improve the backfield, and arguably the defensive line play, but the unit he is most closely associated with, suffered. Is it his fault? Did we mismanage talented players? Or did the players not step up and do their part?

Even more importantly, how does Miami rectify the problem before the start of the next season? Does spending more resources in the draft make sense? Pursuing more veterans that may fit our scheme better? Or is there a solution via trade that no one is thinking of?

Sam and Chris give their opinions on all of it and more on this episode. Plus, the option is YOURS to vote on for the next episode of Perfectville!

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