Episode 94: Gase’s Good Graces (WR Review)

gase's good graces



The votes have been tallied and the Citizens of Perfectville demand that Sam and Chris discuss the wide receiving corps. Jarvis Landry led the league in the receptions, but has publicly made it known that he feels disrespected by Adam Gase and the Miami Dolphins during contract negotiations. Can the relationship between the player and the team be repaired? Or are we headed for a scenario where our record setting top receiver continues to set records in another team’s uniform?

Beyond the Landry situation, what answers, if any, does Miami have for the underwhelming season that DeVante Parker put up, again? Is he a victim of circumstance? Or is the former first round pick headed out of town after next season with a bust label tattooed on his forehead?

And the third member of the wide receiving, Kenny Stills, continues to go about his business, catching balls and cashing checks. The “glue guy” of this talented trio got paid last offseason. Did he prove that that payday was justified? Or does he need to do more in 2018 to justify the price tag?

Plus, what receiver came on late to impress? Which members need to fear for their spot next season? And who, if anyone, is a name to look out for for the Miami Dolphins in 2018?

And as we established with this episode, voting is now open on Twitter to let us know what defensive group we should discuss on the next episode of Perfectville!

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