Episode 89: Choking On A Patriot Turkey Bone

A recession has hit the Town of Perfectville. A recession on wins as The Miami Dolphins lose their fourth in a row, this time to the lowly Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The loss drops them into the basement of the AFC East, alongside The New York Jets. Oh, and they get to face The New England Patriots on the road this weekend to try and stop the bleeding.

At this point of the season, even the players are beginning to realize that the hope of back to back playoff appearances is fading quickly. So what can the team do? Can they rally and tear off a winning streak to salvage the season? Or would they be better off completely laying down and trying to get a top draft pick next year for someone who can make an immediate impact?

Sam and Chris discuss this, and much more on this week’s episode of Perfectville. Enjoy!

Welcome to the NFaiL

Sam inducts The New York Giants fan base into the the NFaiL. After being RUDELY interrupted last week, he finally gets to lament about his second favorite team and their problems.

The Wheel of Whatever

The wheel spins Chris over to Buffalo and the awful decision by thee Bills Head Coach to make a random quarterback change this past week.


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