Episode 84: Welcome To Stupidville


Chris Cullen returns home from vacation to find out he is under water. Meanwhile the Miami Dolphins return home for THEIR vacation in London to find out that they are under .500 and in last place afte rbeing shut out, 20-0, against the New Orleans Saints.

Coach Adam Gase said after the game that we “didn’t have Ryan (Tannehill) to blame this year”, which begs the question, who IS to blame for these shameful performances, then? Sam and Chris answer that question, as well as their thoughts on which play on offense actually looks pretty good, and why starting a rookie Cornerback who gave up a touchdown in his first game, is the right move over a certain sleeved veteran.

The guys also preview the homecoming game for Miami as they FINALLY have a true home game in week four against an ailing, but talented and pissed off, Tennessee Titans team that is still smarting after giving up 57 points to the Houston Texans the week before. Who needs to step up? Which Titans players is of the most concern? And will we finally see a gimpy, fat linebacker make his Dolphins debut in this one? Find out on the Phinjury Report!

Plus, Sam welcomes another member into the NFaiL club, and the Wheel Of Whatever spins us into Charlotte where a certain controversial quarterback shocking said something controversial.

And as always, Podcast reviews are read, hijinx are had, and everyone goes home when the theme song plays at the end…or do they?

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