Week 2 Phinjury Report


Hey everyone, I’m going to try to do a small analysis of both team’s injury reports going into the games this season. Only four more weeks 1l left, so once that is over I will have more time to write. Please provide any feedback or ideas on  how to make this better each week. This is for the fans, so I want to  give the people what they want.


Miami Dolphins

Mike Pouncey- Hip (Full participation on Wednesday, No participation on Thursday)

I believe this is just cautionary, seeing as he participated in week 3 of the preseason and was just named one of the five team captains. While, I would love to say he may just work his way off the injury report, I think he might be on here all season because of the additional rest the coaches will be giving him throughout the year.

Jay Ajayi- Knee (Full participant throughout the week)

While Gase has reported this as another cautionary move due to reported “knee service,” I am worried going into the season about Ajayi’s durability. We have already seen a concussion this season and know his past injury history with ___. However, this is more of a generic workload issue versus what had Ajayi’s stock drop in the draft.

Wait Aikens- Back (Full participant throughout the week)

This injury seems to be the same injury from week 1 of the preseason against the Falcons. Back injuries can take a long time to recover from, especially if there is soft tissue involvement which can flair up with one wrong move. Hopefully they are lowering his involvement in practice in order to save him for the game time.

Rey Maualuga-hamstring (Has not participated this week)

I was not aware of Maualuga’s injury history when he was signed to the team, but after doing a bit of research, I am a little worried about his history of soft tissue leg injuries. Similar to Aikens, these injuries are very cumbersome because of the risk of reinjury. Usually when one leg is injured, the other leg tries to pick up the slack of the injured leg, which can actually cause the uninjured leg to get hurt.. Hopefully the training staff is taking a conservative approach towards Maualuga and letting him heal up to minimize complicating this situation.


San Diego, Los Angeles Chargers (0-1).

These guys are coming off a tough week 1 loss late Monday night to the Denver Broncos. The Chargers are looking to get back to 500 with their first home game of the season on September ___. I will be doing the away team’s report slightly different than the Dolphins report, where I will be organizing their players into three categories based on full participants throughout the week, non participants, and ones who complete a mix of these categories.

Did not participate:

Rayshawn Jenkins

After leaving the game Monday with a concussion, Rayshawn is going through the concussion protocol this week. Often, players have difficulty passing this protocol within the short week. His participation may be a game time decision.

Mike Williams

He is not expected to return until October. I’m not expecting anything different this week.

Jason Verrett

Going from starting training camp on the PUP to playing 63 of 69 on week 1, Verrett seemed to be coming back nicely until he was added to the injury report on Thursday. This may be a sign they are trying to rest him similar to Pouncey or there may be some bad news for the Chargers Defense.

Full participants for the Chargers include:  Jeremiah Attaochu (DE-Hamstring), Dontrelle Inman (WR-Groin), Sean McGrath(Knee-TE), Kenny Wiggins(OG-Ankle). This early in the season most players who participate throughout the week will be playing in the game full time. As the season goes on I’ll do a little more analysis but for now assume they’ll be playing.

So that’s the rundown for the injury reports from both teams. Overall I think this game is going to be a close one that comes down to the wire (what else is new for Dolphins fans?). My prediction is 31-28 Miami so start any play makers on Fantasy.


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