Episode 68: 2017 NFL Draft First Round Special


The 2017 NFL Draft is in full swing and the first round is in the books. The Miami Dolphins stood pat at #22 and took the player they have been targeting since the Scouting Combine, Defensive End Charles Harris from The University of Missouri. The pass rushing specialist has already gotten mixed reactions from the fan base. Some love the youth and depth he brings to the defensive line, while others are annoyed that Miami seemingly overlooked more talented (albeit troubled) players like Reuben Foster.

Sam and Chris break down the pick and what it means for Miami’s defense going forward, as well as what they would like to see happen with the rest of the draft this weekend.

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  1. Maaan, I was going to have to tease you guys SO HARD for not getting a single one of their later-round picks correct, and then Chris had to pipe up and mention Asiata.

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