Episode 66: Dolphins Legend Richmond Webb

Richmond Webb

Miami Dolphins legend and Ring Of Honor member, Richmond Webb, joins Perfectville this week. During the Outside/In segment, Richmond discusses the differences in today’s game versus when he played and why it might be harder for today’s players to play the game, than his generation. He also gives us his thoughts on current Dolphins players Laremy Tunsil and Ryan Tannehill, as well as Head Coach Adam Gase. Plus, he reveals how to take criticism from Dan Marino, Don Shula and Jimmy Johnson.

Richmond also reveals who his favorite team as a kid was, and who was the toughest defensive linemen to block in the pros, and why no trash talk was needed when the two locked horns. In addition, the seven time Pro Bowler speaks about what he saw in a young Jason Taylor while at practice, and what he does to unwind now, as well as during his playing days.

In other news, voluntary workouts starting for Miami players and a certain wide receiver showed up, despite wanting a new contract. And the Wheel Of Whatever spins us into Jacksonville where another former Dolphins Left Tackle is holding out.

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