Episode 64: The Perfectville Purge


Sam and Chris say goodbye to Travis Wingfield and Kevin Dern, as both depart www.WelcomeToPerfectville.com for what they believe to be “greener pastures”. But even as Write Travis Write, Ronin’s Rambling’s and The Phinalysis Podcast are now officially CANCELED, The flagship show of “Perfectville” remains., as do the founding fathers, Sam and Chris.

The Tag Team Champions explain the recent shakeup at the website, and why Travis and Kevin decided to leave. discuss Zach Brown’s decision to sign with someone other than Miami,  the T.J. McDonald signing and why adding a player who is suspended for half a season is actually quite brilliant, and of course, we show love to Tom Garfinkel, the unsung hero of the Miami Dolphins.

Plus, the Wheel Of Whatever spins us to Wrestlemania 33 and which Dolphins legends have pro wrestling counterparts, and who?

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