Episode 55: Rustling Our Jimmies (Wildcard Weekend Review @ Pittsburgh)


Miami’s dreams of a Cinderella run at the Super Bowl struck midnight in chilly Pittsburgh, as the whole world watched them turn into a fat pumpkin on national television. The Dolphins were handed their receipt from the Steelers, in the form of a 30-12 drubbing that saw Le’Veon Bell run wild, Antonio Brown catching everything but an STD and Matt Moore dropping the ball, and his chin, on the frozen turf of Heinz Field.

Despite the depressing end to the season, Dol-fans everywhere have reason to celebrate their favorite football squad on a successful and surprising playoff run by rookie Head Coach, Adam Gase and his merry band of One-Percenters. Overcoming injuries to their starting quarterback, Pro Bowl safety, linebackers, and All-Pro center (and more), the marine mammals of Miami managed to post double digits wins and extend their games into the postseason.

And due to that success, some members of the staff are already finding new homes of their own as Defensive Coordinator Vance Joseph has accepted the job as Head Coach for the Denver Broncos. What does his departure mean for the players? Will Adam Gase promote form within? Or will he recruit a bigger name to run that side of the ball while he continues to focus on the offense?

Plus, what did Vance Joseph due to “rustle Chris’s jimmies” before the playoff game in Pittsburgh? And when will we know what is actually going on with Ryan Tannehill’s knee?!?!?! Additionally, we give out the last Dallas Thomas Awards EVER, and as always, we spend A Second On The AFC East.

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