Episode 48: Seeing Red Again (Week 14 Preview vs. Arizona Cardinals)


The boys clock in a record performance as they go close to 60 minutes on this episode. Hopefully Miami can go the foll hour when they play the Arizona Cardinals this Sunday, in Miami. Coming off of an embarrassing beat down at the hands of fellow bird team, Miami looks to rebound and return to their winning ways against a beaten, but not broken, Cardinals team that rolls out an outstanding defense, a Hall Of Fame wide receiver, and one of the best all-around running backs in the game today.

Will Miami do it? Or will their playoff dreams effectively end on Sunday afternoon? Sam and Chris discuss the keys to the game, give their actual predictions, as well as Ridiculous Predictions, Chris breaks the rules about spending a Second On The AFC East, and we tell you who to root for, other than Miami, when we go into Overtime.

Plus, we are just two shows away from 50 episodes on the year, and you know what that means…GOLDEN SHOWERS FOR EVERYONE!

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