NFL Quarter Pole Power Rankings

Just like in college football, a small sample size leaves plenty of room for projection and anticipation of what is going to happen in the league. Reworking a power rankings system every week is a silly practice – one game can’t tell you a whole lot and, frankly, four games can’t either. It is, however, just enough to gain a feel for how the season will play out.

We will revisit these rankings in week 9 at the half way mark. Beyond that, the three quarter pole if you will, is irrelevant as the records of the teams will give us the indication we need as to who is good and who is not.

The 2016 Perfectville first quarter NFL power rankings:

Rank Team Record
1 Denver 4-0
2 Minnesota 4-0
3 New England 3-1
4 Pittsburgh 3-1
5 Seattle 3-1
6 Philadelphia 3-0
7 Green Bay 2-1
8 Atlanta 3-1
9 Carolina 1-3
10 Cincinnati 2-2
11 Arizona 1-3
12 Oakland 3-1
13 Dallas 3-1
14 Baltimore 3-1
15 Houston 3-1
16 Kansas City 2-2
17 Los Angeles 3-1
18 Buffalo 2-2
19 New York Giants 2-2
20 New York Jets 1-3
21 San Diego 1-3
22 Tampa Bay 1-3
23 Washington 2-2
25 Detroit 1-3
26 Jacksonville 1-3
27 Indianapolis 1-3
28 Tennessee 1-3
29 New Orleans 1-3
30 Chicago 1-3
31 Cleveland 0-4
32 San Francisco 1-3


Ranking the Dolphins 24th is higher than any of the mainstream outlets have slotted our team. Much like the general football population, they like to over-react to primetime games. The Dolphins are coming off their worst game of the season and it’s stuck in everyone’s mind. I wonder how different the feeling would be if the defense had gotten one of those fourth down stops in Seattle and the team was 2-2.

I know the Dolphins aren’t as bad as they played on Thursday. Hell, everyone buried the Rams after they were blanked by the number 32 team in a week one primetime game.

Pro football focus, the site that watches and grades all the games, has the Dolphins ranked 18th.

Show a little patience, trust in the length of a 16 game season and think about the deficiencies some of the teams ahead of Miami has. I promise you that San Diego, Tampa Bay, Washington, the Jets, etc. all have just as many gripes as the Dolphins do. Hell, the Jets quarterback has thrown nine picks in two games.

We will revisit this idea in a month.

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