Poll: The Greatest Coach in NFL History Not Named Shula

As Dol-fans, we ALL know that Don Shula is the greatest coach (and human) to ever walk the face of the earth. But who, amongst his peers, walks closest to him?

Bill Walsh was a mastermind of the West Coast Offense. Won multiple Super Bowl titles and has a coaching tree that is still going strong in the league today.

George Halas has the second most wins in NFL history and is considered one of the founders of the NFL.

Bill Belichick keeps finding new and innovative ways to cheat. Additionally, he has four Super Bowl victories, six appearances and has dominated in the salary cap era.

Bill Parcells has a front butt, multiple rings and ultimately is responsible for giving the league Bill Belichick.

Chuck Knoll has four Super Bowl titles himself and often went head to head against The Don.

Vince Lombardi has the Championship trophy named after him.

Tom Landry had a hat.

Cam Cameron failed forward fast…really, really fast.

Take a look at the poll and vote on who is the Greatest Coach in NFL History Not Named Shula!



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