Episode 27: Week One @ Seattle


The regular season is here! Sam and Chris preview Miami’s first game against The Seattle Seahawks. The ‘Hawks are virtually unstoppable in their home stadium with Russell Wilson under center. Ryan Tannehill is 1-0 against his fellow 2012 drafted counterpart. Will Seattle remain dominant? Or will history repeat itself with a Ryan Tannehill led victory for Miami?  Sam will be at the game while Chris watches from his Dol-Fan Man-Cave in North Carolina. Both will be looking to see how our defensive front holds up against a weakened offensive line for the Seahawks. Additionally, both teams are dealing with injuries to key personnel. Miami appears to be without Pro Bowl Center, Mike Pouncey, as well as their talented 2nd year receiver, DeVante Parker, while Pete Carroll’s squad limps into week one with recent injuries to Jimmie Graham and Thomas Rawls. Despite the boo-boos, both squads are itching to get after it in what could end up being an exciting first week of football!

Plus, Sam reveals the current results for the Name The Perfectville Mascot Poll from last week, as well as the write in options that the viewers submitted (and there were some DOOZIES), Chris rants about the recent waiving of Griff Whalen from the team and of course…we spend a second on the AFC East, as usual.

Catch Sam at The Comedy Underground, Sept. 8th-10th. Tickets available online.

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Listen to Travis on the AFC EAST Bros. Podcast, previewing the upcoming season for the Miami Dolphins.

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