Episode Seven: Worst Dolphins Losses

worst losses

The Carolina Panthers just lost the Super Bowl and Cam Newton is devastated. There is nothing worse than losing the biggest game in your chosen sport, right?



62-7. The Monday Night Meltdown. Spray Mucus. “See You After Practice,” and more.


These are just some of the legendary and iconic losses the Miami Dolphins have endured over the past 30 years. Sam and Chris re-live and discuss every which one of them and review their long-term effect on the organization. From a mop-up duty QB getting a big contract from Dave Wannstedt, to passing three times in a row while having the league’s leading rusher in your backfield, and ultimately, losing championship games to divisional rivals, Miami has seen it’s fair share of awful let downs.


Grab your favorite beer and a hanky, this episode is going to depress you like no other.



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