Foreword: This was a message board post I wrote after the trouncing the Buffalo Bills put on us in week 3 last year. Joe Philbin was still the head coach, and I had little reason to care about this team any more. 2015 was the first time that I didn’t make watching Dolphins games a priority […]



Sam and Chris to review what went wrong up in Foxboro. An overwhelmed defense, a slow starting offense and the legend of Jimmy Garoppolo combined to drop 31 point quickly on our beloved fins. If not for the Herculean effort of Ryan Tannehill, the talent of Jarvis Landry and DeVante Parker, and most importantly, Kiko […]

The All Paper Bag Team   I grew up a prototypical 90’s kid. Nicktoons ran on loop, I played Nintendo 64 at a Reshad Jones level and when I got home from school, I took to the backyard to play whatever sport was in season. At 7:10 pacific standard time every night I watched Ken […]