This Week: Miami Dolphins football is back! With pads, helmets and everything! Which means we discuss everything, as a result. Analysis of our quarterbacks, season ending injuries, and much more. Early reports on Tua’s first week in full pads are conflicting. Some reporters say he looks perfectly fine, while others appear to hint that he […]

This Week: Tua Tagovailoa is already the face and savior of The Miami Dolphins franchise. Tops in the league in jersey sales, positive publicity amongst every sports media outlet out there and even his practice videos elicit virtual boners from every Citizen in Perfectville. But is all of this too much (or Tua much) too […]

This Week: Tua Tagovailoa hasn’t even thrown a PASS in the NFL, yet he has the number one and number two jerseys sold for the entire NFL. The 22 year old rookie is not only energizing Miami Dolfans and Citizens of Perfectville, but raising brand awareness for the Miami Dolphins around THE WORLD. With multiple […]