The Miami Dolphins are going to the playoffs! And not just in video game form this year, but for realsies! In a surprising, and scary game against Buffalo, Miami rallied behind a last second, 55 yard, game tying field goal from the unreliable Andrew Franks to force the contest into overtime, and then leaned on […]


Miami had a bye week, which means the Dolphins haven’t lost in over three weeks! You have to love that, right? But what we don’t love, are the other teams in the AFC East. But we all know that, so we decided to take the time we have in the bye week, to explain why […]


The number one thing to take away from the pre-season is that you shouldn’t take anything away from the pre-season. These glorified scrimmages can prove who is worthy of the bubble spots on the roster and who is capable of flashing ability in one-on-one situations. The pre-season has had its bright spots sprinkled in over […]