Foreword: This was a message board post I wrote after the trouncing the Buffalo Bills put onĀ us in week 3 last year. Joe Philbin was still the head coach, and I had little reason to care about this team any more. 2015 was the first time that I didn’t make watching Dolphins games a priority […]


Sam and Chris are back again, and this time they reflect on the lost decades of bad coaching. From poor decisions, jerks and horrendous lies, to a rash of great guys who couldn’t coach a pee-wee team, Miami has run the gamut of sucktitude at the head coach position. Grab a drink and brace for […]

The Carolina Panthers just lost the Super Bowl and Cam Newton is devastated. There is nothing worse than losing the biggest game in your chosen sport, right?   Wrong. 62-7. The Monday Night Meltdown. Spray Mucus. “See You After Practice,” and more.   These are just some of the legendary and iconic losses the Miami […]