This Week: While the two-time (yes TWO-TIME) Hall of Famer, Chris Cullen, is on vacation, Sam welcomes Mike Woodburn (AKA Slayner) from the Phins Up, Phans Down Podcast to  Perfectvillw and forces him to re-watch the nightmarish second quarter of the New England Patriots game from Week Four. Additionally, Travis Wingfield of Locked On Dolphins […]


Most Englishmen that go into sport choose football. But it wasn’t until he came across the pond that Jay Ajayi found himself immersed in America’s rendition of the game. Before stealing national headlines by joining the company of O.J. Simpson, Earl Campbell and Ricky Williams as the only players to rush for 200 yards in […]


The number one thing to take away from the pre-season is that you shouldn’t take anything away from the pre-season. These glorified scrimmages can prove who is worthy of the bubble spots on the roster and who is capable of flashing ability in one-on-one situations. The pre-season has had its bright spots sprinkled in over […]