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  1. Good stuff. Your content along with the podcast makes this one of the best Dolphins sites. Offensive line is going to make or break our season. This will be the best line we’ve had in years, and hopefully they will open lanes for Ajayi and Foster to keep the pressure off T-hill. Phins Up!

  2. Nice and informative writing so far Travis. A pure joy to read. Thank you for the time and effort that you are putting in to bring us good constructive journalism and information. I can tell you as one of the biggest and longest Dolphins fans in history, I can never get enough info to read about my beloved Dolphins. I also very much enjoy reading accurate info and I always like your fairness in your writings on the Dolphins rather good or bad news. As long as it is the truth, that is what matters. I have plenty of time on my hands and if I can ever be of any help to you gathering info or research, please let me know @ fin4ever1296@Gmail.com.Best Regards, Marshall Summerlin. Dolphin fan since inception 1966. Also, I like how you have stuck with Tanny throughout his tenure here, both good and bad and I think that maybe this year you along with all of us will see his completely talent set finally take fruition here now that ” Milque Toast Joe” is gone and he now has what I believe to be our next long term coach in charge of the Dolphins who will not only be a great finishing mentor to Ryan, (along with Clyde Christiansen, Dan Marino, and the new QB Coach), but Gase will allow Ryan the leeway to finally bring out the best of him that we will start seeing this year. I feel he has a very high upside still to come as long as he brings confidence, intelligence, enthusiasm, and LEADERSHIP to the table this year and I really believe that him being able to change in and out of plays at the line of scrimmage this year will be a huge benefit for him and our offense. I am really so zero tolerance when it comes to abuse issues, but I also know that we have a team that really needs additional cheaper talent to help overcome some of the stupid losses to our team from the likes of Philbin, Tannenbaum and others. Two very controversial players that could help us immediately and have been working, honestly at making manners so far for the last 1 1/2-2 years are Ray Rice and Greg Hardy. As I said, there is no excuse for their past actions but along with many hundreds of other players who have made huge mistakes, it might really benefit the Dolphins to see if these are changed men…..just like many believe Dion Jordan to be? Do you think it possible for you to write a pro/con article here in perceptible on what the costs/benefits might be if we were to add these two? Thank you either way and keep up the great work!

  3. Can I proof read for you? I’m a Dolphins fan who isn’t a very good writer, however I am a good “grammar nazi.”

  4. Another great show. Ross might not make the best decisions, but he really does care about the team. You can see his passion for the Dolphins.

  5. Great write up, insightful and very much appreciated. I don’t disagree with much but think Aitkens as a lb maybe a stretch, albeit totally agree he is so much better playing downhill. I had a different view on Duarte also, who I thought took his TD well, waiting for his blocker (caroo?) and then jinking inside – but that could be because of the dearth of TE play we saw and also he was up against scrubs..
    Thanks again and look forward to next weeks review bro.

  6. Thank you for the kind words. Please feel free to drop comments as you please. I would love to interact with readers more.

    I hear ya about Aikens, just thinking outside the box as its a common preseason practice ;).

    I’m a fan of Duarte, but he’s as green as they come. I don’t think he’s rosterable yet. Practice squad then a contributor in 2017.

  7. Great article! Looking forward to more Phinjury reports (not looking forward to injuries tho lol)

  8. Lol you apologists are soo funny. I could write an essay about Tannehills lack of pocket presence. His lack of leadership. His lack of ability to process a defense both before and after the snap. And to me the ONE biggest thing that CANNOT be denied. THE MAN DOESN’T WIN FOOTBALL GAMES. I could deal with ALL of the other things but he doesn’t win. Proove me wrong if you think he’s a winner and leader of men

  9. Oh and one more thing the offensive line excuse is about the funniest I’ve heard. No denying the o line has been pretty bad but if that’s the case why does Ryan continually take sacks when he gets a 4 or 5 sec pocket? Go watch the film yea he gets hit early but why then on the plays he does get a pocket (again watch film you will see it) does he still take sacks?

  10. nice work, watching the last game I kept on saying to my buddy, who is that and where did he come from, thanks to you and CK for the analysis

  11. Let it be known that it takes a good salary cap to get good and productive players and not just there to collect a million dollar pay check ; and not to perform to the best of there ability . It’s to clean house an get the right chemistry of players to build a new house to conquer a dynasty. An with a new leader who shows promising Adam Gase is like history repeating itself with a young coach once dealt with none other the great one Don Shula.

  12. Honestly, I hoped and expected the Dallas Thomas award to be a Phinsie mini, and be awarded by Sam or Chris during overtime in an alley as they left out the back of the studio and noticed a tiny award for the most underperforming player stuck to the bottom of the trophy bag. Almost as an afterthought, like how we think of mari0 (as in zero) Williams after this year. No respect given, because he didn’t earn any.

    P.S. Thanks for the awesome podcasts. Can’t wait for the pre-draft shows.

  13. This was a great piece!!..great inside. U did ur homework I learned a lot and I watched every game twice!!..glad to see im not the only one this sees Tannehill like I do

    1. Thanks, Rodney! The Tannehill discussion has become a bit of an obsession for me so I made sure to examine each and every throw with a microscope. We’ve got something with this quarterback!

  14. Maaan, I was going to have to tease you guys SO HARD for not getting a single one of their later-round picks correct, and then Chris had to pipe up and mention Asiata.

  15. Great Article and a lot of dolphin fans need to read this because the misinformation about his even within his own team fan-base is ridiculous

  16. Biggest training camp surprise: Drew Morgan and Isaiah Ford.
    Biggest disappointment: Drew Morgan and Isaiah Ford


    We see it every year: Someone who has “no chance of making the team” after the draft ourperforms EVERYONE’S expectations, but is still up against our deepest unit, and can’t crack the 53. We hope to keep them on our PS, but they get sharked – probably by the Patriots.

    So, yeah. Biggest surprise by performance, biggest disappointment by not making the team.

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  18. Oronde Bagsden doesn’t judge you for reaching for your sixth beer. He just keeps it cold.
    Oronde Bagsden doesn’t patronize you for your Dion Jordan jersey. He just keeps it cool.
    Oronde Bagsden doesn’t ask you the score after the third quarter. He just keeps it to himself.

    Be like Oronde Bagsden. Keep it cool.

  19. Hearing that rap at the end gave me a total tit-boner(or “toner”). That, or I share in Sam’s medical condition.

  20. Every time I try and order an Oronde Bagsden it says my address is invalid and no shipping is selected. HELPPP

  21. The dad Lenny should have his own podcast. He could drink beer, tell dad jokes and giggle.

  22. Great article Sam.Ive been a Dolphins fan almost my entire life. It started back in the 1994 season opener against the Pats when Marino threw a game winning TD to Irving Fryar . After that I was a diehard Fan. My dad got me into football and we watched almost every game together and he loved your podcast. Sadly he passed away this year right before the SB and he wanted the Tom Brady and the Pats to lose again in the SB he hated the cheateriots lol.back to your article, you are 100% right Miami needs to start fresh and rebuild from the ground up. No more over paying for free agents who never do good here and bad drafts and not trying to fix the QB position we are 0-19 in the QB department. I hope when Rosen gets his chance he will do great things and maybe become our franchise QB. And then with all the picks and cap room we can build a team that can dethrone the Pats and take back the AFC EAST once again. Anyway thanks for the article and I love the podcast best Dolphins podcast out there. Keep up the good work and look forward to more great episodes from Perfectville. Thanks Sam and Chris


  23. I wish the Dolphins the best of luck. I will never be a Dolphins fan again because of their lack of commitment to winning. Same sad shit every year. And then blame the coach and fire him. This is the sad bullshit that pushes fans away.

  24. Sad fact is that since their Super Bowl glory years, Miami has been an abysmal playoff team. Even with their classic logo. Between 74 and 96 they went to the playoffs 12 times, including 9 division titles, and went to only 2 Super Bowls, both losses.