Hey everyone, I’m going to try to do a small analysis of both team’s injury reports going into the games this season. Only four more weeks 1l left, so once that is over I will have more time to write. Please provide any feedback or ideas on  how to make this better each week. This […]

When you hear the letters “ACL” you often think of a player falling down with no contact and joining the injured reserve for the rest of the season. The anterior crucial ligament or ACL tear is one of the most career threatening injuries due to its long recovery time and high risk of re-injury. Today […]


I was immediately worried when Mike Pouncey left the Dolphin’s preseason game due to injury against the Dallas Cowboys last Friday night. While he was able to return to play later in the quarter there now reports that he will miss the rest of preseason and possibly the season opener due to an undisclosed hip […]