We made it through another week of hard work and now it is Friday! That means it is time to slack off and coast into the weekend. And to motivate you in being de-motivated, here are some more Dolphins players mailing it on there work days! Enjoy!     file:///C:/Users/Administrator/Downloads/google18d565b21e2b41fd%20(2).html

Let’s face it, running errands sucks. Having to drive all over town to multiple places just to get what you need is one of life’s mundane and unavoidable tasks. Even if you are looking forward to getting your hands on whatever it is you’re looking for, the journey still sucks. Oh, and looking out for […]

It’s Friday. Time to half ass it at work, and get the house/bar/club/wherever and say “phuck it!” In the meantime, here are some of the best of the worst from our beloved Miami Dolphins over that past couple of years. ENJOY!